• Paige Dula

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance... A somber day in the transgender community. To all my trans siblings I'm sending you love and support on this day. To our cisgender allies I ask you to be especially kind to us today.

Not everyone knows this story, but I narrowly escaped assault at a rest area outside of Asheville. There were 3 men waiting for me outside the restroom at the rest area. I was about to exit when I happened to overhear them talking about what they were going to do to me. Fortunately, the design of this rest area had a second restroom entrance. I snuck out that entrance and ran for my car. Situational awareness saved me a beating or worse that day. Many of my trans siblings aren't as lucky. This is especially true for trans women of color.

For those in Charlotte, there are a couple of TDoR events being held tonight. I urge you to attend and lend support to the trans community. In support of trans folks, Genderlines will be hosting a special virtual support group meeting at 9pm tonight. To join it you can go here:


Let's all pledge to make the world safer for us next year. ~Paige

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