Wednesday, December 28, 2016

January Meeting and HB2 Discussion

This month we are opening up Genderlines' normal Saturday meeting to open up dialogue between the local transgender community, LGBT organizations, and political representatives.

HB2 and the Charlotte NDO has been an ongoing topic this year. What has been missed in the discussions is how much this directly impacts the transgender community. This meeting will be our chance to tell some of our stories to humanize the issue as well as discuss what the next steps are in repealing HB2 AND reinstating the ordinance.

The format of the meeting will be as follows:
1) Welcome

2) Introduce any local LGBT org, and political representatives present

3) Open the floor to local transgender people to tell how the NDO, it's repeal, and HB2 has impacted their lives

4) Open dialogue between LGBT orgs and political reps on what our next steps are

5) Plans to continue this discussion in the future

Bishop Tonyia Rawls has agreed to be our moderator for the evening to help keep us on track and focused on the task at hand.

The meeting will be in the fellowship hall in the basement of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

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